The elements of a state

Since the Weberian definition was conceived, modern Western states have generally had the following constituent elements:-

1. A head of state (an executive)

2. The formulation of law (legislature)

3. Relations with other states (foreign policy)

4. Centralised banks (more on this evil later)

5. Armed forces under the control of the executive and/or the legislature

6. Police forces similarly empowered

The last two – in combination with whichever of the first two gives the orders – constitute the means by which a state holds monopoly over the means of violence. I would argue that this is possibly the only area that can be at all disputed (and only then at a push) as to why the ratification of the EU Constitution does not yet mean the EU is a federalised state in its own right, Control of local police forces and national armed forces still technically remains in the hands of the member states. My thinking is that 2010 will show us, the ignored population of the postdemocratic Europe, what the final chapter of the elite agenda will be.

Over the coming days and weeks and months I will be posting articles and exposes that will show you how an unelected, anti-democratic elite, driven by a ruthless corporatist agenda, are using neo-Marxist ideological networks to create a one-party imperialist empire on the Soviet model.

Watch this space, and if you have any useful information – especially relating to the EPP (European People’s Party) or GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria), please contact me.


~ by drchrisblizzard on January 3, 2010.

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