Myths, lies and hypocrisy with Cathy Ashton

Forgive the rather late posting of this, but one has been busy with other things…

This week saw the elite’s new recruits arrive to take their positions. Chief among them is the woman who will be our superstate’s face to the world, Cathy Ashton. In her hearing in the European Parliament, Ashton talked about “the joys of parliamentary democracy”, despite having never been elected to anything, despite standing in an illegal parliament, and despite being the new Foreign Minister of the most anti-democratic organisation in the world.

After being rightly pressed by William Dartmouth MEP (UKIP) as to whether or not she would recant her position of Soviet appeasement on the issue of cold war nuclear deterrence, her reply said everything you could want to know about this woman, or indeed about the mindset of supranational elitism.

“We wanted to see a Europe that is free – and now we have it”, she boasted, despite the fall of the Soviet bloc having been achieved by the exact opposite strategy of what she had recommended. Furthermore, I take massive issue with her talk of a free Europe. Having been instrumental in the cooption of millions of people by a new Soviet-model superstate, she has the cheek to champion freedom and democracy. She even says, in a coup de gras of unspeakably vile deception, that these are the values that “this house [the European Union] is founded on”.

Most telling is her methodology, which, in her words amounts to “you can argue against HOW I did it, you can’t argue against WHAT I WAS SEEKING TO ACHIEVE”. Spoken like a true totalitarian.

So, citizens of the superstate, we now know where we stand, its her way or…well, her way. It seems that to Ashton and her EU cronies, up is down and black is white, and the ends justify the viciously corrupt means.


~ by drchrisblizzard on January 17, 2010.

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