Though he may not know, it seems that Edmund Conway, Economics Editor of The Telegraph is a shill for the burgeoning supranational elite. I challenge anyone with a sound moral code who places value on liberty to remain calm in the face of his reassurances that the misunderstood purpose of the globalists is “to forge a more internationalist style of politics where every country’s leadership thinks not merely of their own voters but also of the interests of overseas nations”.

While Conway is quite right that there is no single group seeking to take over the world (a truer picture is turf war between rival cabals), he ignores the fact that before his very eyes, the nation state his newspaper called home ceased to exist at the tail end of last year, along with more than 20 of its neighbours, to form a European superstate – despite the vast majority of its citizens still being painfully unaware of this.

The technocrats of Brussels are bumbling in many regards, I agree with him on that – and most of them probably aren’t destroying the prosperity of Europe deliberately – but there are two things that must be remembered. Firstly, these people are unelected, and therefore unaccountable while Britain remains under their tyranny. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is no ‘theory’ element of possible ‘conspiracies’ to have to wonder about anymore – the reality is here with us, and global governance is now openly practised, let alone discussed, and Conway makes no apologies for this, instead championing it.

The real truth is not that the European elite are acting out of consideration for both their own citizens and the citizens of other countries, but because they want a world in which borders no longer limit the number of hapless victims they can consume.


~ by drchrisblizzard on January 18, 2010.

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