Greetings. My name is Chris Blizzard, and I am a writer, freelance English teacher, proofreader and political researcher. I live in Strasbourg, France, at the heart of the European Superstate. Just down the road is the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights. Having experienced the worlds of government, party politics, the military, academia and education, I feel compelled to offer my insights and opinions on what I see are the ills of our world, and am keen to hear from other free thinkers, and get their opinions.  I consider the big picture, not the microcosm; I look at history and reality, not (only) the theory. I try to never accept what I am told at face value, but to explore every topic with a philosophical and historiographical methodology based on skepticism and rational egoism. This is why I started the blog which you are now reading.

I am an activist for many liberty-oriented, reason-supporting and secular organisations, am the author of a number of essays on the Al Qaeda Associated Movement (AQAM), and am currently working on two books: a myth-busting guide to the struggle against Islamism, and a treatise of political philosophy. I am also a member of the UK Independence Party, the REAL OPPOSITION in Britain and the ONLY one of the Big Four parties to advocate withdrawal from the European Union.

I am currently looking to extend my efforts and resources to more online journalism, and activism for rational and liberty-supporting organisations and events. To discuss any of the above with me, or to book me, or invite me to your event, please contact me.


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