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Q: When did you realise that “commissioner designate” is the exact opposite of “president elect” ?



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Though he may not know, it seems that Edmund Conway, Economics Editor of The Telegraph is a shill for the burgeoning supranational elite. I challenge anyone with a sound moral code who places value on liberty to remain calm in the face of his reassurances that the misunderstood purpose of the globalists is “to forge a more internationalist style of politics where every country’s leadership thinks not merely of their own voters but also of the interests of overseas nations”.

While Conway is quite right that there is no single group seeking to take over the world (a truer picture is turf war between rival cabals), he ignores the fact that before his very eyes, the nation state his newspaper called home ceased to exist at the tail end of last year, along with more than 20 of its neighbours, to form a European superstate – despite the vast majority of its citizens still being painfully unaware of this.

The technocrats of Brussels are bumbling in many regards, I agree with him on that – and most of them probably aren’t destroying the prosperity of Europe deliberately – but there are two things that must be remembered. Firstly, these people are unelected, and therefore unaccountable while Britain remains under their tyranny. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, there is no ‘theory’ element of possible ‘conspiracies’ to have to wonder about anymore – the reality is here with us, and global governance is now openly practised, let alone discussed, and Conway makes no apologies for this, instead championing it.

The real truth is not that the European elite are acting out of consideration for both their own citizens and the citizens of other countries, but because they want a world in which borders no longer limit the number of hapless victims they can consume.

Myths, lies and hypocrisy with Cathy Ashton

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Forgive the rather late posting of this, but one has been busy with other things…

This week saw the elite’s new recruits arrive to take their positions. Chief among them is the woman who will be our superstate’s face to the world, Cathy Ashton. In her hearing in the European Parliament, Ashton talked about “the joys of parliamentary democracy”, despite having never been elected to anything, despite standing in an illegal parliament, and despite being the new Foreign Minister of the most anti-democratic organisation in the world.

After being rightly pressed by William Dartmouth MEP (UKIP) as to whether or not she would recant her position of Soviet appeasement on the issue of cold war nuclear deterrence, her reply said everything you could want to know about this woman, or indeed about the mindset of supranational elitism.

“We wanted to see a Europe that is free – and now we have it”, she boasted, despite the fall of the Soviet bloc having been achieved by the exact opposite strategy of what she had recommended. Furthermore, I take massive issue with her talk of a free Europe. Having been instrumental in the cooption of millions of people by a new Soviet-model superstate, she has the cheek to champion freedom and democracy. She even says, in a coup de gras of unspeakably vile deception, that these are the values that “this house [the European Union] is founded on”.

Most telling is her methodology, which, in her words amounts to “you can argue against HOW I did it, you can’t argue against WHAT I WAS SEEKING TO ACHIEVE”. Spoken like a true totalitarian.

So, citizens of the superstate, we now know where we stand, its her way or…well, her way. It seems that to Ashton and her EU cronies, up is down and black is white, and the ends justify the viciously corrupt means.

Color-coded con

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There are millions of people in Britain labouring (excuse the pun) under the misapprehension that it makes the slightest lick of difference whether they vote for the Tories or for Labour (or for that matter, the LibDems). I predict (and consider it fitting) that the election date will be April 1st, and so its sadly much too late to show any large percentage of the aforementioned millions the truth: that in the post-Lisbon, post-democratic Britain, changing from one tried and failed party to another is no different from changing your energy billing company. As long as Britain remains in the feeding trough of the technocratic wolves of the EU, there can be no real change.

Let me give some background to those of you that don’t know. In Britain, whether your home is signed up to EDF (French), nPower (German), or to Eon or British Gas (global corporatists), your supplier will still be the same. Your gas will be piped by Transco, and your electricity will come from a regional generator already chosen for you by the wonders of government-sanctioned monopoly. Changing the name on the top of the bill really changes nothing, and is very unlikely to make you much of a saving in the long run (believe me, I used to sell energy for a living!).

The cartel nature of the supposedly “deregulated” energy industry doesn’t, of course, stop salesmen coming to your door promising you all kinds of gimmicks (price fixes, duel fuel discounts, ‘free’ telephone and broadband packages) to persuade you to change. This is because the administrators (and that’s all billing companies consist of) can only make money off you by persuading you to change. My guess is that any Brit who reads this can recall changing their billing company in the last 5 years, at least once. When they did this, they brought new costs onto themselves, because the unit price of their energy was inflated so that the company could make money. If they told you on the doorstep that it would cost you money to change, would you bother? Of course not.

In the same way, David Cameron and Gordon Brown are both vying for your signature. Only this time it won’t be a cautious scribble while you look in the salesman’s eyes and wonder if the £200 saving he has promised you is real – it will be a ‘X’ on a piece of paper, while you fidget behind a screen and invent reasons to continue to legitimise the most outrageous criminals in all of British history.

To ease you through the sales process, both Red Labour and Blue Labour promise you the same kind of irrelevant gimmicks. This year’s election sees the gimmicks naturally revolve around “deficit reduction”. Speaking now to those millions of people who are thinking of changing their energy supplier, how many of you– it must be asked – have considered where that deficit came from in the first place?!

To distract people from the true nature of the Ponzi scheme being levelled on them, Red Labour talk about “tax rises” as if this is suddenly a good thing, and Brown is smug and self-satisfied – as if he deserves a medal for his bold admission of the rises. Blue Labour, and Cameron, on the other hand, talk about “spending cuts”, not on ideological grounds, or even practical grounds, since he leaves the most wasteful sinkholes like the NHS untouched. No, it’s pure electioneering, pure gimmick, pure fascia, pure surface. Both of these concepts are sham short term measures which cannot change the basic structure of the system in place – the immorality of centralised banking and deficit financing.

If you want any clearer proof that these ‘policies’ are irrelevant gimmicks, just watch Cameron’s recent interview with Andrew Marr (and compare it to the Brown interview). When asked the most straightforward question on budgeting – as to whether the Tories will beat the Labour pledge and will “more than half the deficit in 4 years” – Cameron’s piffle is the furthest thing from a straight answer you will ever see.

I’m not going to go into Cameron’s interview in detail because his policy on the only thing that matters (Britain’s membership of the EU), is exactly the same as Gordon Brown’s. His gimmicks are slightly different, but just I wouldn’t waste my time examining my stools for fiber, I’m not going to pick out the differences between Red and Blue Labour (I do encourage you to watch the interviews).

Lets look instead at some of the really telling comments Cameron made:-

Andrew Marr (paraphrased): “Your list of cuts is nothing like enough to make the savings you’re claiming”

David Cameron: “I accept its not enough”

That should be tomorrow’s headline…but it won’t be. The leader of the opposition is ADMITTING he’s lying, but is allowed to continue. What a shameful state of affairs.

DC: “There are some things we don’t want to do, but we know we HAVE to do”

He’s a man of no principles, no ethics, no moral code whatsoever. He will do whatever is necessary to allow the corporatist elite to keep raping and pillaging British freedom and prosperity.

DC: “We’re gonna tell people they have to retire a year later”

Excuse me, but exactly when was it decided that it was a good idea to let cultural Marxists like David Cameron tell you whether or not you can work, and for whom, and for how long?

DC: “Here’s the thing: you never HAVE to agree with what the government say”

Isn’t the purpose of government to represent the people, not shepherd or tyrannise them? I put it to you that the only legitimate role of the government is the protection of individual liberty. Please feel free to disagree if you still don’t see how that position is SELF-DEFEATING.

With this I shall leave you to ponder whether you will continue to sanction the gimmicks and lies of the billing companies, or whether you want to withdraw from the EU and change your supplier.

A few months remain. Join, and work together with others to save the remnants of your livelihoods and your dignities, and begin to reverse the rot afflicting a once prosperous country. Join with, and vote for UKIP. It’s your only hope. I kid you not.

Shooting fish (with Goebellian harpoons)

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For those of us currently campaigning hard for the status quo monopoly on the British airwaves to be revised, it comes as no surprise that in their 2010 European Union preview, the Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation show again how RIDICULOUSLY biased they have become in favour of the European Union.

What comes as a slight surprise is that the FIRST aspect of the issue mentioned is the EU’s role in global governance; but now that they have the fascist superstate, why not go for the mystery star prize, eh? Gavin Hewitt is obviously being coached, directly or indirectly by the same Alphaville-style technocrats that wrote Van Rompuy’s maiden speech. These people can’t be fucked to hide their crimes anymore – in fact they’ve begun to assume they don’t need to. Only the British people are to blame for the loss of their own sovereignty, and only the British people can prove or disprove the validity of the elite’s assumption as to their acquiescence. The majority of the people have never WANTED political union*, but now they’ve got it, can THEY be fucked to do something about it?

The SECOND point Mr. Hewitt makes is about “divisions within the union” and by this he is presumably talking about the petty squabbles between the far-left and the centre-left over how swiftly to accelerate their Soviet model agenda. These disputes – which you the taxpayer sponsor – iron out smaller details such as whether the elite need Turkey to help them or whether the rising Islamism there – and the prospect of sharing borders with some of the worst dictatorships in the Mideast – might prompt (finally) a negative public response.

THIRDLY, Hewitt babbles his way through what would normally be some sound concerns about the economy, but then sadly disposes of the final shreds of his respectability when he says that readers should expect the European Commission (a.k.a the unelected bureaucrats who recently completed the most recent stage of their ongoing power grab) to “enforce competition policy rigorously and to resist…protectionism”. One CANNOT regulate markets in order to make them free! And…ladies and gentlemen, I ask you PLEASE…..HOW is funnelling wealth into a (now visible) oligarchy whilst perpetrating mass theft and looting on the people NOT protectionist??? (Look how the EU workers, already exempt from tax, want to give themselves a pay-rise in the midst of an economic depression.)

FURTHER outrages from Hewitt may well be deliberately designed to make the reader want to give up interest (and possibly hope) altogether: “Europe will continue to be anxious over its identity”. What a blatantly collectivist pro-EU lie! This is the kind of targeted, one-size-fits-all propaganda that ensures the stooges feel moralised, their patsies capitulate, and the ignorant masses abdicate their minds.

LASTLY, Hewitt concludes with: “Finally, how will we judge whether Europe is serious about managing the environment? My pick is the bluefin tuna. That may be the litmus test of how serious the EU is in protecting species under threat.”

No reference here of the Anthropogenic Climate Change fraud, or the carbon taxes and green financial frauds being carried out under its auspices…just some fucking fish.

It’s often been said that technocrats view people as ants, but now you know you’re more like fish in a barrel, that YOU’RE the species under threat. You really must love getting shot to stay as quiet as you do.

* = Q: When was the last time that any people were the driving force in developing rational and ethical truths in Western politics?

The elements of a state

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Since the Weberian definition was conceived, modern Western states have generally had the following constituent elements:-

1. A head of state (an executive)

2. The formulation of law (legislature)

3. Relations with other states (foreign policy)

4. Centralised banks (more on this evil later)

5. Armed forces under the control of the executive and/or the legislature

6. Police forces similarly empowered

The last two – in combination with whichever of the first two gives the orders – constitute the means by which a state holds monopoly over the means of violence. I would argue that this is possibly the only area that can be at all disputed (and only then at a push) as to why the ratification of the EU Constitution does not yet mean the EU is a federalised state in its own right, Control of local police forces and national armed forces still technically remains in the hands of the member states. My thinking is that 2010 will show us, the ignored population of the postdemocratic Europe, what the final chapter of the elite agenda will be.

Over the coming days and weeks and months I will be posting articles and exposes that will show you how an unelected, anti-democratic elite, driven by a ruthless corporatist agenda, are using neo-Marxist ideological networks to create a one-party imperialist empire on the Soviet model.

Watch this space, and if you have any useful information – especially relating to the EPP (European People’s Party) or GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria), please contact me.